Independent Baptist College of Asia – Pacific makes no apology for adhering faithfully to the truths found within God's Word.  We are independent Baptists, holding to these distinctives:

Bible: our soul authority for faith and practice
Autonomy or independence of the local church
Priesthood of all believers
Two offices: pastor and deacon
Individual soul liberty and responsibility
Separation of church & state
Two ordinances: believer's baptism by immersion & the Lord's Supper
Saved, baptized and serving members

We are fundamentalists, holding to the great fundamentals of the faith, including the inspiration and preservation of God's Word, a literal creation in six twenty-four hour days, a literal heaven and a literal hell, the deity of Jesus Christ and His Virgin Birth, sinless life, and vicarious atonement, and bodily resurrection from the dead.  We firmly believe that He is returning to this earth to rapture His Church and to pour out His judgment on the wickedness of our world.  We also believe that He will rule and reign for 1000 glorious years.

We are traditional in our worship and practice.  We are non-charismatic in our positions.  We are non-ecumenical in our separation.  We are non-contemporary in our services.

We believe in holiness.  We believe that it matters how we live, how we conduct ourselves, where we go, what we wear, the movies we watch, the music to which we listen, and even the clothes we wear.  We desire to train our students to live lives of practical holiness.  “As it is written, be ye holy, for I am holy.”