General Requirements

Prospective students must submit an application for admission along with a photograph, personal references and testimonies of salvation and ministry interest.  As part of that application, IBCAP must receive a recommendation letter from the applicant’s pastor.

Students will not be accepted until IBCAP completes its review of the application and issues a letter of acceptance.  Students who have not completed high school may be required to pass an academic examination before acceptance.

While enrolled, students are expected to maintain a good Christian testimony, and to actively participate in the ministry of a local independent Baptist church.

All students are considered to be Bible majors, and must declare an emphasis in missions, evangelism, or pastoral studies.  This declaration should be made no later than the beginning of the third year of study.

If the student is unable to pay his full tuition cost at registration, he must make arrangements with the registrar for a payment plan.  Students will not receive a final course grade until his tuition obligation has been met.

Students are encouraged to find employment that will not hinder their attendance, studies, or service in their local church.

Students must make their own arrangements for lodging and meals, however IBCAP will provide an area for snacks and refreshments.